22 tons of meat (lamb and beef) were exported to the United Arab Emirates

22 tons of meat (lamb and beef) were exported to the United Arab Emirates
10 April 2020
The Ministry of Trade and Integration of the Republic of Kazakhstan together with the Embassy of the United Arab Emirates organized the first export Air Express to the UAE. 22 tons of lamb meat (12 tons) produced in the RK and cooled condition beef (10 tons) to Abu Dhabi city by Air Express were air shipped.

Kazakhstani meat producers have long been tried to master the market of the United Arab Emirates, where our products are highly regarded for their ecological performance and eating qualities. However, the complexity of logistics, as well as the duration of compliance confirmation procedures for products based on the halal standard adopted by the Institute of Standardization and Metrology of the OIC countries (Organization of Islamic Cooperation) up to the present time have been a serious obstacle of entering to the Arab market.

«Kazakhstani meat will be delivered to all major UAE trade networks: Lulu, Karfur, Union Coop and others», said Mr. Mohammad Ahmad al-Dzhaber, the Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of the United Arab Emirates to Kazakhstan.
For the first Air Express of Kazakhstani exported goods, it was decided to use a plane that brought humanitarian aid from the UAE within the framework of joint efforts of our countries to combat coronavirus.

As reported in the Ministry of Trade and Integration, earlier, in most cases, regular passenger flights were used for transporting Kazakhstani meat to the export (air cargo was air shipped by small lots of 2-3 tons).
The Ministry of Trade and Integration also explained that as far as the decision on the cargo flight was made «in operation», before the exporters stood the difficult task to organize the party in the shortest possible time: «In the conditions when regions and cities were closed on quarantine and checkpoints were put up everywhere, we were able to organize the procurement and delivery of 20 tons of products», in the MTI RK reported.

«Thanks a lot to leaders of the Ministry of Trade and personally to Minister Sultanov that kept under control the whole process of transporting of freight from Almaty city to Nur-Sultan city for shipment. In consequence of their efforts, the product was provided with a «green» channel along the route», said Mr. Almat Berdenov, Director of the «Optograd» LLP. He expressed special gratitude too to the Ministry of Agriculture «for the quick organization of all requiring permits and certificates».

«It would be simply impossible to organize the export of a large lot of exports under strict quarantine without the benefit of responsible competent leaders», the exporter concluded.
Mr. Bakhyt Sultanov, the Minister of Trade and Integration of the RK said that MTI together with the Embassy of the United Arab Emirates in the RK is worked out the availability of using civil airplanes to send Kazakhstani export goods to the UAE on a weekly basis. He added that «in preparation for the next flights, the gained experience of transporting goods under quarantine will be used».

Totally the Ministry plans to further develop the transportation of domestic goods by air.
Despite for the certain difficulties which are faced with domestic exporters, the widespread support by the Ministry of Trade and Integration of the RK is provided. This allows to producers and exporters to keep workplaces, get profit and place orders for the next lot of goods.

According to the Rules for reimbursement of the expenses part of subjects of industrial and innovative activities for moving forward domestic processed goods, the list of domestic processed goods, for which the expenses of their moving forward are partially reimbursed, up to 50% of all expenses of exporters for transportation by all means of transport is compensated.

For reference:
The traditional markets for meat produced in Kazakhstan are Russia, Kyrgyzstan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan and Afghanistan. Kazakhstan sends exported meat mainly in cooled state (it is also carried out the capacity building work of the export potential of frozen meat). Herewith, the provision of beef with domestic production exceeds the volume of consumption, provides an opportunity to increase the export.

Source: https://inbusiness.kz/ru/last/22-tonny-myasa-eksportiroval-kazahstan-v-oae