IOFS coordinates its actions with other OIC institutions

IOFS coordinates its actions with other OIC institutions
05 December 2019
The 5th Annual Coordination Meeting of OIC Institutions (ACMOI) has been held on 3-4 December in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. On 4 December, all sister institutions have gathered at OIC headquarters. Various committees organized sessions of Senior Officials meetings. IOFS Director General and Deputy Director General have participated in sessions of Economic and Science & Technology Committees respectively.
All the participating OIC institutions presented their progress reports and planned further action for 2020. IOFS was recognized as a leading partner institution in such sectors of Economic Matters Matrix as intra-OIC trade and investment, agriculture, rural development, and food security, poverty alleviation, infrastructure development, and regional integration, transport & logistics. In addition, IOFS was included in Environment & Climate Change and Water-related programs of Science & Technology Matrix.
The Chairmen of both committees, Assistant Secretary-General Amb. Ahmed Senyomo and Askar Mussinov have emphasized the role of the young institution of OIC in taking active steps to resolve issues under the Food Security Agenda.
Director-General and Deputy Director-General have met the Chairmen and exchanged views on further promotion of IOFS activities within the OIC general framework.
Gradual implementation of Memoranda of Understanding signed with IsDB Group and SESRIC the previous week was discussed with concerned representatives. By the end of the first ACMOI day, IOFS management had productive working meetings with such OIC subsidiaries and specialized institutions as ICDT, ISESCO, ICYF, COMCEC, SMIIC and senior staff of OIC General Secretariat.