Xinhua: African agriculture thrives with Chinese technology, market access

Xinhua: African agriculture thrives with Chinese technology, market access
23 June 2024

China-Africa agricultural cooperation has seen remarkable growth, facilitated by initiatives like the Forum on China-Africa Cooperation and the Belt and Road Initiative. Chinese efforts have significantly enhanced African agricultural productivity and modernization through technical assistance, industry chain development, and improved market access. For instance, in Nigeria, Chinese experts from Green Agriculture West Africa Ltd. have developed high-yield rice seeds that have boosted national production by over 2 million tons. In Rwanda, Juncao technology introduced by Chinese specialists supports mushroom cultivation, benefiting thousands of farmers and creating substantial employment. Moreover, Chinese investments in processing infrastructure, such as rubber factories in Cote d'Ivoire, have increased local processing capacity, adding value to African agricultural exports. These initiatives not only improve local livelihoods but also integrate African products into global markets, showcased prominently at events like the China International Import Expo and the China-Africa Economic and Trade Expo. This cooperation underscores China's pivotal role in advancing Africa's agricultural sector, fostering economic growth, and alleviating poverty across the continent.

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