The PRCS facilitates the entry of a food aid convoy to Northern Gaza

Country: Afghanistan
The PRCS facilitates the entry of a food aid convoy to Northern Gaza
30 March 2024

In Al-Bireh, Gaza, on March 30, 2024, the Palestine Red Crescent Society (PRCS), in collaboration with the Egyptian Red Crescent and in coordination with the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC), distributed 9,000 food parcels to besieged Palestinian families in Northern Gaza. This aid effort aimed to alleviate the dire situation faced by families in the region due to the ongoing Israeli blockade, which hampers the movement of goods and aid supplies.

The PRCS facilitated the entry of an aid convoy comprising 10 trucks loaded with food parcels into Northern Gaza. These parcels were distributed to families who have endured the harsh conditions of the siege, which separates the northern part of the Gaza Strip from the south and obstructs the delivery of essential aid.

Upon the convoy's arrival, civilians eagerly awaited the distribution of aid, and PRCS teams promptly distributed the food parcels to them. The aid distribution continued as the convoy reached stores and distribution points at the PRCS branch in Jabalia.

However, the PRCS emphasized that this aid only addresses a fraction of the urgent needs of the nearly 700,000 Palestinian citizens in Northern Gaza. The UN institutions operating in the region estimate that 100 trucks of aid are needed daily, far surpassing the 10 trucks distributed on this occasion.

In light of the catastrophic humanitarian situation exacerbated by food and water shortages in Northern Gaza, the PRCS appeals to the international community and its institutions to exert pressure on the Israeli occupation forces. The aim is to facilitate the entry of more aid into the region and provide relief to the besieged population.

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