The IOFS kicks off Training on Modern Rice Production Technologies in Bangladesh

The IOFS kicks off Training on Modern Rice Production Technologies in Bangladesh
20 August 2023

On August 20, 2023, the Director General of the Islamic Organization for Food Security (IOFS), Prof. Yerlan Baidaulet launched the Training on Modern Rice Production Technologies for IOFS Member States in Gazipur, Bangladesh in partnership with the Bangladesh Rice Research Institute. The objective of the capacity building training program is to  leverage the expertise and experience of the successful rice sector of Bangladesh in order to strengthen the capabilities of rice experts in OIC Member States and contribute to sustainable rice production in the OIC Geography. 

“At the heart of this event lies the core objective of reinforcing the IOFS Africa Food Security Initiative, ensuring the support of Member States and relevant OIC institutions,” Prof. Baidaulet stated in his speech. “This training program embodies our dedication to endowing Member States with the latest advancements in rice production technologies. By embracing contemporary practices, we are poised to transcend existing limitations and forge a path toward a more robust, efficient, and sustainable rice sector,” the Director General noted. 

The agenda of the three-day training program has been tailored for rice breeders, researchers, scientists, and policymakers from MS, namely Senegal, Uganda, Nigeria, the Arab Republic of Egypt, and Pakistan including representatives from national agricultural research institutes, universities, and relevant government agencies.  

The activities include training workshops and field visits to BRRI and rice experimental farms, which will expose African rice experts to successful rice production systems, innovative technologies and sustainable farming practices. Furthermore, African and Bangladeshi rice experts will be able to join hands in addressing various challenges and exploring opportunities specific to African rice production, including collaborative research projects, germplasm sharing, and exchanging scientific information under the Africa-Asia exchange experience framework. Bangladeshi rice experts will also be assigned as mentors to the participants of the training, providing ongoing technical assistance and guidance. Lastly, a Center of Excellence for networking and knowledge sharing among African and Bangladeshi rice experts will be introduced, which will also include a comprehensive monitoring and evaluation system to asses the impact of the program and ensure continuous improvement of the capacity building activities under the framework of the Asia-Africa Bridge activity. 

The Director General of IOFS concluded by reiterating the importance of strengthening intra-OIC solidarity and expressed his gratitude to the hosts of the training program, “The BRRI, renowned for its pioneering research and expertise in rice cultivation, provides a fitting backdrop for this event. I extend my heartfelt appreciation to Dr. Md. Shahjahan Kabir, Director General of BRRI, and the Government of Bangladesh for their gracious hospitality and steadfast support towards agricultural development. The synergy we witness here, a product of international collaboration, epitomizes the spirit that IOFS continually strives to nurture.”