RELIEF WEB: One year into Sudan’s war, its people yearn for peace as hunger soars

Country: Sudan
RELIEF WEB: One year into Sudan’s war, its people yearn for peace as hunger soars
17 April 2024

RELIEF WEB reports: The ongoing conflict in Sudan, now reaching its one-year mark, has led to the displacement of millions of people, including children like Ahmed, whose lives have been dramatically altered. While Ahmed finds some solace in the food provided in his new shelter in Port Sudan, memories of the war-torn past haunt him.

The conflict has not discriminated; it has impacted all facets of Sudanese society. Over 8.6 million people are displaced within and outside the country, making it the world's largest displacement crisis. This upheaval has also exacerbated food insecurity, with over one-third of the population, approximately 18 million people, facing acute or emergency food shortages.

Despite efforts by organizations like the World Food Programme (WFP) to provide aid, large swathes of the population remain inaccessible due to ongoing fighting. Many, like Abdulaziz, who supports his family from afar, are left in uncertainty, unable to reach their loved ones or provide for them adequately.

While there have been some breakthroughs in aid delivery, such as recent convoys reaching Darfur, consistent access is crucial to meet the escalating needs. Eddie Rowe, WFP's Country Director for Sudan, emphasizes the urgency of uninterrupted aid delivery, especially across borders, to reach those in dire need before it's too late.

In safer regions, WFP's assistance serves as a lifeline for many, including individuals like Awadiya Mahmoud, who has found refuge after a harrowing journey. Despite her own struggles, Awadiya continues to support others, highlighting the resilience and solidarity among Sudanese people in the face of adversity.

However, the overarching desire remains for peace. Fatimmah, Ahmed's mother, expresses the collective longing for an end to the conflict, yearning for a future where her children can thrive without the specter of war. The burden of conflict falls heavily on civilians, stripping away their livelihoods and hope for a better tomorrow.

Ultimately, the call for peace reverberates throughout Sudan, echoing the sentiment that dialogue and resolution are the only paths forward to reclaiming what has been lost and rebuilding a more secure and prosperous future for all Sudanese.

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