Qatar IFPA Forum Marks a Milestone in Food Security Development within the OIC Geography

Country: Qatar
Qatar IFPA Forum Marks a Milestone in Food Security Development within the OIC Geography
03 October 2023

The Doha Sheraton Hotel played host to a momentous event on the 3rd of October, 2023, that brought together stakeholders from across the globe to address and advance Food Security Development within the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) geography. The Islamic Organization for Food Security (IOFS) and its subsidiary, the International Islamic Food Processing Association (IFPA), orchestrated this gathering, drawing in distinguished participants, prominent speakers, international and OIC organizations, as well as the business community.

Under the overarching theme of "Enhancing intra-OIC Food Markets," the IFPA Forum featured three key sessions:

  1. National Food Sector Development: Delving into the critical aspects of food sector development within OIC member countries, this session aimed to identify challenges and prospects, paving the way for sustainable growth and food security.
  2. Trade & Investment in the Food Industry: Exploring opportunities for trade and investment within the food industry, this session emphasized the importance of private sector engagement and collaboration.
  3. Projects in Agro-Food Sector Across OIC Region: Showcasing successful projects and initiatives across the OIC region, this session celebrated achievements and encouraged further innovation and collaboration.

With over 20 speakers representing a diverse range of stakeholders in the agro and food industry, the panel sessions followed a dynamic format comprising presentations, speeches, and interactive Q&A discussions. Beyond the formal sessions, the forum facilitated business matching opportunities among participants, further strengthening the agro and food network within the ever-expanding IOFS/IFPA platform.

The outcomes of the Qatar IFPA Forum hold great promise for the future of Food Security in the Islamic Region. Notably, the discussion on "National Food Sector Development," initiated by IOFS, marked a significant milestone as it gathered international attention. Many countries and stakeholders recognized the urgent need for a robust approach to not only combat Food Insecurity but also to stimulate and fortify national economies.

As we move forward, the IOFS and IFPA remain committed to fostering collaboration, innovation, and sustainable practices within the food sector across the OIC geography. Together, we aim to create a more food-secure and economically vibrant future for all.