LIVESTOCK AND POULTRY MIDDLE EAST & ASIA: Al Dahra’s Al Tannaf Revolutionises access to Animal Feed with Innovative App

Country: United Arab Emirates
LIVESTOCK AND POULTRY MIDDLE EAST & ASIA: Al Dahra’s Al Tannaf Revolutionises access to Animal Feed with Innovative App
21 February 2024

Al Tannaf, a pioneering e-commerce and retail platform, is revolutionizing the animal feed industry in the UAE. As an integral division of Al Dahra, a leader in agribusiness and animal feed internationally, Al Tannaf is committed to providing high-quality animal feed products tailored to the nutritional needs of various animals, including camels, sheep, goats, poultry, and horses. More than just a brand, Al Tannaf represents a blend of tradition and innovation, showcasing Al Dahra's dedication to quality and convenience.

The Al Tannaf app offers farmers a simple and efficient way to source feeds tailored to their animals' specific requirements, ensuring swift, seamless, and secure transactions. Embraced by farmers across the UAE, Al Tannaf's e-commerce platform prioritizes user-friendliness and security, while also providing expert guidance through strategically located stores in Dubai and Abu Dhabi for those who prefer a more traditional approach.

Global partnerships enable Al Tannaf to maintain a consistent supply of high-quality ingredients from around the world, ensuring top-notch nutrition for a diverse range of animals year-round. The company's commitment to excellence is reflected in its slogan, 'From the Perfect Seed to the Perfect Feed,' which underscores its dedication to quality and nutrition throughout the entire production process.

In a gesture of appreciation for farmers' dedication, Al Tannaf announces a special promotion offering complimentary Wafi compound feed pellet bags with every purchase of Altannaf alfalfa. This promotion not only acknowledges farmers' hard work but also provides a delightful treat for their animals.

Interested customers can access the Al Tannaf app from the Google Play and App Store or visit for more information. Al Tannaf, as a division of Al Dahra, remains at the forefront of the global feed and forage supply industry, showcasing a commitment to agricultural excellence and innovation.

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