IOFS underlines urgent need for co-operation to achieve food security

IOFS underlines urgent need for co-operation to achieve food security
31 July 2023

Director General of the Islamic Organisation for Food Security (IOSF) Yerlan Baidaulet has called for the need to strengthen co-operation in order to achieve food security, noting the support of many Islamic countries for the organisation's efforts in this regard, including Qatar.

In statements on the sidelines of his participation in the 2nd UN Summit on Food Systems in Rome, Baidaulet confirmed that the issue of Islamic food security is one of the priority issues being discussed within the Organisation of Islamic Co-operation, considering that political unrest and climate change constitute the most important threats to food security in Islamic countries.

In this context, he cited what is happening in the West African region, including the recent coup in Niger and the political unrest in Burkina Faso and Mali.

Baidaulet also touched on the UN report, according to which 50% of the countries in need of food aid and suffering from starvation and malnutrition are among the 57 member states of the OIC. In this context, he stressed the organisation's move to provide support to 12 countries mentioned in the UN report, and to focus in the next phase on solving food security problems in Islamic countries.
Baidaulet called on Islamic countries for more co-operation to achieve food security, pointing out that Islamic countries have human resources, agricultural land and even water resources, as well as financing.

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