IOFS Signs MoU with IRRI to Elevate Global Rice Production

Country: Philippines
IOFS Signs MoU with IRRI to Elevate Global Rice Production
17 October 2023

Manila, Philippenes - September 17, 2023 - In a historic moment at the International Rice Conference 2023, held in Manila, the Director-General and Caretaker of the Islamic Organization for Food Security (IOFS), Dr. Dr. Masoud Almarri , and the Director-General of the International Rice Research Institute (IRRI), Mr. Ajay Kohli, officially inked an MoU with a resolute commitment to boost rice production and enhance its significance in Member States (MS).

This significant collaboration, led by Mr. Ajay Kohli, Director General of IRRI, underscored the global importance of rice, with a particular focus on the African continent. Approximately 60% of the world's water and land resources are dedicated to rice cultivation in Africa, making it a key player in the world's rice market. "We aspire to see Africa emerge as a key player in rice exportation," stated Mr. Kohli, highlighting the continent's potential to substantially contribute to global rice supply.

His Excellency Dr. Masoud Al-Marri, Director General of IOFS, addressed the audience, shedding light on the pivotal role of rice in Member States. His Excellency Dr. Al-Marri discussed the challenges ahead, including a projected global population exceeding 2 billion by 2050, a 10% reduction in rice yield, a 35% increase in rice demand, soil depletion, and erosion, and a 1.5% rise in greenhouse gas emissions. He emphasized the need to focus on fostering best practices and collaboration among OIC MS, including sharing germplasms and seeds of exceptional rice varieties and providing technical assistance to boost rice production capabilities.

His Excellency Dr. Al-Marri also stressed the significance of adopting successful Asian models of rice production, adaptable to benefit OIC MS, with the aim of increasing rice self-sufficiency and reducing the dependency on rice imports. This groundbreaking MOU between IOFS and IRRI signifies a momentous step toward strengthening the role of rice in OIC MS and paves the way for sustainable and efficient rice production to meet the growing demands of member states.