IOFS holds training on "Seeds of Tomorrow: Innovations and Testing for Resilient Agriculture in Central Asia: Uzbekistan”

Country: Uzbekistan
IOFS holds training on
11 May 2024

The Islamic Organization for Food Security (IOFS) held a specialized training session on May 11, 2024, at the Southern Agricultural Scientific Research Institute in Karshi, Uzbekistan, focusing on the testing and characterization of new seeds. Led by Prof. Dr. Zulfiqar Ali, Director of Programs and Projects at IOFS, the training equipped local breeders with advanced knowledge and techniques essential for sustainable seed production. Dr. Ali emphasized the importance of healthy seeds free from pathogens, and compliance with phytosanitary regulations, and introduced various seed health testing techniques, including visual examination, filter wash tests, embryo tests, and advanced methods like DNA probes and ELISA tests. Additionally, the session covered quality and viability analysis using automated germination monitoring and image analysis, along with insights into experimental design, field layout, and data analysis using biplots. The training concluded with a fruitful discussion on these topics, highlighting the importance of a robust seed system. Furthermore, a Farmers' Field Day was held, showcasing various wheat varieties grown in the Institute's testing fields, and demonstrating practical applications of the discussed techniques. The outcome of the training was a significant enhancement of local breeders' capabilities, ensuring the delivery of high-quality, healthy seeds essential for sustainable agricultural productivity. Wheat experts who participated in the training were awarded certificates in recognition of their commitment to advancing seed quality and agricultural excellence.

The Southern Agricultural Scientific Research Institute, located in Karshi, Uzbekistan, is a leading center for agricultural research and innovation. The institute is dedicated to advancing agricultural practices and improving crop yields through cutting-edge research and development. With a focus on seed quality and crop variety improvement, the institute plays a crucial role in supporting the agricultural sector in Uzbekistan and beyond.