IOFS-HBKU Webinar Explores Regional Integration's Role in Promoting Food Security

IOFS-HBKU Webinar Explores Regional Integration's Role in Promoting Food Security
06 May 2024

The Islamic Organization for Food Security (IOFS) in collaboration with Hamad Bin Khalifa University successfully hosted a webinar on 06 May 2024, addressing the critical topic of regional integration and its impact on food security. The webinar brought together esteemed panelists and participants from diverse backgrounds to discuss strategies for enhancing food security through regional cooperation.

Moderated by Dr. Dalal Aassouli, the webinar featured a distinguished panel of experts:
- Professor Paul P.S. Teng (Ph.D., Hon.D.Sc., FAAET), Managing Director & Dean NIE International Pte Ltd | National Institute of Education
- Mr. Srinivasan Ancha Principal Climate Change Specialist, Southeast Asia Department, Asian Development Bank (ADB)
- Prof. Mohammad Hossein Emadi , Professor, Researcher, Former Ambassador to FAO and World Food Programme Chairman (Board Director), Sustainable Aquaculture Development Institute.
- Mr. Armen Harutyunyan 阿尔蒙·哈鲁秋尼扬 , Director of the Agricultural Policy Department of the Eurasian Economic Commission

The session delved into the significance of trade, socioeconomic cooperation, and economic integration in addressing food security challenges. It highlighted the role of regional initiatives in promoting sustainable agriculture and food security.

Key Discussion Points Included:
- Examples of successful regional integration initiatives impacting food security positively.
- Identifying barriers and roadblocks hindering the benefits of regional integration approaches.
- Strategies for enhancing market access, trade facilitation, and innovation in agricultural practices.
- The role of emerging technologies, multilateral institutions, and policy frameworks in fostering regional cooperation.
- Implications of climate change on food security and the need for regional collaboration in climate resilience and disaster preparedness.

The panelists engaged in thought-provoking discussions, sharing insights drawn from their vast experiences and expertise. They emphasized the importance of collaborative efforts among nations, institutions, and stakeholders to address the complex challenges facing food security at the regional level.
Commenting on the webinar, Dr. Dalal Aassouli, the moderator, stated, "The discussions held today underscore the critical role of regional integration in ensuring food security for all. By fostering cooperation, innovation, and policy coherence, we can pave the way for a more resilient and sustainable food system."

The webinar concluded with a call to action for continued dialogue, knowledge sharing, and collective action to advance regional integration agendas and achieve food security goals.