High-Level Delegation from Kuwait Visits IOFS Headquarters in Astana

Country: Kuwait
High-Level Delegation from Kuwait Visits IOFS Headquarters in Astana
27 October 2023

Astana, Kazakhstan – October 27, 2023 – The Islamic Organization for Food Security (IOFS) was honored to host a distinguished high-level delegation from Kuwait at its headquarters in Astana, Kazakhstan. The delegation, led by His Excellency Dr. Omar Alkanderi, the Ambassador of Kuwait to Kazakhstan, and Mr. Bassam Alghanem, Chairman of the Arab Turkish Commercial Organization, engaged in fruitful discussions regarding the strategic endeavors and vision of the IOFS.

The meeting commenced with the IOFS Secretariat delivering a comprehensive presentation on the organization's strategic goals and vision. The presentation highlighted key aspects of IOFS's initiatives, including its innovative OIC Food Security Ecosystem, plans for launching and developing distribution hubs within the OIC, strategies for bolstering strategic commodities in the region, updates on regional cluster projects, and insights into IOFS investment activities. Furthermore, the unique International Islamic Food Processing Association (IFPA), the subsidiary of the IOFS and its business-to-business (B2B) arm, was introduced, showcasing its pivotal role in the organization's ecosystem.

In response, the Kuwaiti delegation expressed unwavering support for the IOFS and its multifaceted activities. They conveyed their eagerness to strengthen cooperation and collaboration with the organization. Mr. Bassam Alghanem, the Chairman of the Arab Turkish Commercial Organization, also shared valuable insights into the progress and vision of his esteemed organization, further exploring opportunities for collaboration with the IOFS.

The meeting saw both sides aligning their visions and engaging in in-depth discussions about the future of IOFS-Kuwait relations. This visit marked a significant step towards fortifying partnerships and collaborative efforts in the pursuit of advancing food security and agricultural sustainability within the OIC member states.

The IOFS expresses its heartfelt appreciation to the Kuwaiti delegation for their visit and looks forward to a prosperous collaboration that will benefit the entire region.