Gulf Agriculture:P.D. Ltd Revolutionizes Date Palm Production with Advanced Biotechnologyand Global Reach

Gulf Agriculture:P.D. Ltd Revolutionizes Date Palm Production with Advanced Biotechnologyand Global Reach
11 June 2024

D.P.D. Ltd (Date Palm Developments) is a renowned market leader in the production of Date Palm plants through tissue culture, boasting almost four decades of expertise in delivering high-quality, disease-free, true-to-type micro-propagated Date Palm plants. With a track record of supplying over 3 million plants to 40 countries worldwide, our production takes place in cutting-edge laboratories and greenhouses located near Glastonbury, Somerset, U.K. We employ stringent screening processes utilizing advanced biotechnology methods to ensure the absence of disease-causing agents, with verification of variety through DNA fingerprinting conducted at Eurofins Scientific Analytics in France. Each step of our production process adheres to strict quality, reproducibility, and traceability standards, facilitated by comprehensive record-keeping and standard operating procedures. We offer worldwide delivery via air-freight, with all shipments accompanied by necessary documentation and Phytosanitary Certificates confirming disease-free status. With year-round availability of elite varieties, we serve a diverse clientele including nurseries, distributors, FAO programs, various Ministries of Agriculture, and individual projects. As part of the Atul group of companies, DPD continues to lead the industry in providing top-tier Date Palm plants to customers globally.

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