UGANDA: Government set to establish new authority for food safety

Country: Uganda
UGANDA: Government set to establish new authority for food safety
02 April 2024

The Ministry of Agriculture, Animal Industry, and Fisheries (MAAIF) in Uganda is taking steps to establish a new regulatory authority aimed at enhancing food safety and quality standards. During a consultative retreat, the State minister for Agriculture, Animal Industry, and Fisheries, Lt Col (Rtd) Bright Rwamirama, emphasized the need for this authority to coordinate government efforts in ensuring the quality of agricultural inputs and products.

The proposed authority aims to harmonize existing regulations and enforcement mechanisms to ensure the production of safe and high-quality food. Col Rwamirama highlighted the importance of formulating core principles for a Bill to be presented to Parliament, which will govern the functioning of the authority. These principles will establish a system for producing safe and suitable food, incorporating rule-based approaches to sanitary and phytosanitary management. Such measures are essential for compliance with animal and plant health regulations and food safety standards, thereby enhancing market access and competitiveness for Ugandan food and agricultural products.

Various inputs, including agrochemicals like pesticides, herbicides, and animal drugs, as well as fertilizers and processing machinery, will fall under the regulation and control of the proposed Food and Agriculture Authority. The government has received support from organizations like the Trade in Agriculture Safely and Efficiently in East Africa (TRASE) in mobilizing consultants and facilitating consultative meetings to aid in the establishment of this authority.

Mr. Paul Mwambu, the Commissioner for Crop Inspection and Certification, emphasized that ensuring the right quality of food is crucial for Uganda to compete effectively in international markets, expand existing markets, and enter new ones. Additionally, Mr. Antonio Querido, the FAO Country Representative, stressed the paramount importance of food safety for Uganda's economic development. He highlighted that a regulatory authority dedicated to ensuring food safety and quality would bolster consumer trust and attract international markets. FAO pledges to support the Ugandan government in providing the new authority with the necessary legal mandate and technical expertise to ensure that Ugandan food products meet high-quality standards, both domestically and for export. Ultimately, the establishment of this authority signifies Uganda's commitment to becoming a reliable food basket and enhancing its position in global food markets.

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