GCC-Central Asia Summit Issues Joint Statement and calls on Members to Support the IOFS

GCC-Central Asia Summit Issues Joint Statement and calls on Members to Support the IOFS
21 July 2023

The joint statement issued at the GCC-Central Asia Summit in Jeddah on July 19, 2023, marks a significant milestone in the relationship between the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) countries and Central Asia. The leaders of both regions reaffirmed their commitment to enhancing political and strategic ties at both collective and bilateral levels. They stressed the importance of dialogue and coordination to address regional and global challenges, including ensuring the flexibility of supply chains, transportation, communication, energy security, and water security.

A major focus of the summit was on strengthening economic cooperation and encouraging joint investments between the GCC and Central Asia. The leaders recognized the potential for further trade and economic cooperation and expressed their commitment to creating an attractive climate for business and trade. They welcomed the decision of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to host the GCC-Central Asia Investment Forum and acknowledged the initiatives of Turkmenistan and the Kyrgyz Republic to host the Forum in subsequent years.

The leaders also emphasized the importance of cooperation in various fields, including higher education, scientific research, vocational training, health, culture, youth affairs, tourism, media, sports, green energy economy, digital economy, innovation, and green technology. Their commitment to promoting cultural diversity, openness, and peaceful coexistence reflects their dedication to fostering strong people-to-people connections between the regions.

In addressing global challenges, the leaders expressed their support for international efforts to combat climate change and recognized the importance of cooperation in the field of environment and climate change. Additionally, they reiterated their condemnation of terrorism in all its forms and manifestations and stressed the need for international and regional collaboration to combat terrorist organizations and prevent their financing, arming, and recruitment.

The joint statement demonstrates the mutual desire of both regions to deepen cooperation, build understanding, and work together on a wide range of issues. It sets out a comprehensive action plan for the period 2023-2027, highlighting their shared commitment to peace, security, stability, and prosperity worldwide. The summit serves as a pivotal platform for enhancing diplomatic relations and promoting prosperity in both the GCC and Central Asia.

One of the points of the GCC-Central Asia Summit Joint Statement included: 

  1. The leaders stressed the importance of strengthening cooperation between the Organisation of Islamic Cooperation and its institutions and bodies. They noted that many parts of the Islamic world are facing increasing food insecurity, primarily due to the challenging geopolitical and geo-economic situation as well as climate change. In this context, the leaders emphasised the necessity of cooperation and support for the efforts of the Islamic Organisation for Food Security and utilising its capacities to ensure the delivery of food supplies to needy countries