EL DALA: Kazakhstani scientists are developing recipes for highly nutritious animal feed

Country: Kazakhstan
EL DALA: Kazakhstani scientists are developing recipes for highly nutritious animal feed
04 March 2024

The article by El Dala discusses initiatives by Kazakhstani scientists to develop nutritious animal feed using agricultural waste and substandard produce. At the Kazakh Agrotechnical Research University, researchers are focusing on innovative technologies to convert waste materials into valuable feed for livestock, aiming to address both environmental concerns and the need for sustainable feed sources.

One project involves the utilization of non-sorting potatoes, which are often discarded in large quantities. By extruding these potatoes, scientists can turn them into a nutritious feed rich in starch, carbohydrates, proteins, and fiber. This process involves high temperatures and pressure, resulting in a feed that can benefit various types of livestock.

Another project focuses on repurposing spent mushroom substrates as feed through extrusion. Mushrooms grown on substrates enriched with lignin are often discarded after several cycles. However, researchers have found that these substrates contain valuable mycelial protein, which can be made more digestible through extrusion. This approach not only reduces waste but also provides a nutritious feed for livestock.

Additionally, scientists are exploring the commercialization of extruded feed using waste from distilleries. Distillery stillage, rich in protein, fiber, and carbohydrates, can be processed through extrusion to reduce the formation of mycotoxins and create a safe, nutrient-rich feed. This initiative not only addresses environmental concerns related to distillery waste but also offers a new feed option for livestock.

Overall, these projects demonstrate the innovative efforts of Kazakhstani scientists to utilize agricultural waste and substandard produce to create nutritious animal feed, contributing to sustainable agricultural practices and addressing key challenges in the livestock industry.

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Рецепты высокопитательных кормов для животных разрабатывают казахстанские ученые (eldala.kz) 

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