ARABIAN BUSINESS: The economic imperative for investing in water

Country: United Arab Emirates
ARABIAN BUSINESS: The economic imperative for investing in water
08 February 2024

Abu Dhabi's Abu Dhabi Investment Office (ADIO) is dedicated to attracting foreign investments in AI-powered water treatment solutions in alignment with the emirate's sustainability objectives. Recognizing the global challenges posed by water scarcity and the increasing demand for safe drinking water, the article emphasizes the economic and environmental importance of investing in innovative water technologies. It highlights the unique water requirements of industries in the Middle East, such as the energy and solar sectors, and the potential for advancements in water treatment to drive economic growth. The piece cites examples like minimum and zero liquid discharge technologies and Gradiant's AI-powered solutions as promising innovations. Abu Dhabi's role in creating an enabling ecosystem for water innovation, forging collaborations, and leading international discussions on water technologies is underscored, emphasizing the commitment to sustainable water management and economic development.

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