APP: Pakistan participates in high-level UN FAO conference to bring reforms in agri-food system

Country: Pakistan
APP: Pakistan participates in high-level UN FAO conference to bring reforms in agri-food system
05 February 2024
ISLAMABAD, Jan 31 (APP):A high-level delegation from Pakistan participated virtually at a major international level conference held in Colombo, Sri Lanka, to deliberate on multilateral efforts to bring reforms in agrifood system across the Asia-Pacific region after years of pandemic, climate emergencies, volatile markets, and economies that have affected millions of producers and consumers.
               The regional conference for Asia and Pacific, is convened by the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO UN) and hosted by the Government of Sri Lanka, says a  press note.
               Pakistani delegation comprised of economic consultant in the Ministry of National Food Security and Research, Dr Haroon Sarwar Awan, FAO representative in Pakistan Florence Rolle, Deputy FAO representative a.i. Emmanuel Moncada and Assistant FAO representative (programme) Aamer Irshad.
         Highlighting the importance of APRC for Pakistan, FAO representative in Pakistan, Florence Rolle said that this country’s high-level participation in this important conference would help guide FAO’s work here in Pakistan and across the Asia and Pacific region, as all FAO member nations sharing a common goal for achieving the SDGs by 2030, particularly the goals relating to hunger, poverty and inequality.
        Dr Haroon while speaking during the meeting informed that Asia-Pacific LDCs including Pakistan, grapple with looming debt distress, necessitating a departure from short-term crisis responses to strategic investments.
       We emphasize that it’s time for global community to redirect its focus towards long-term solutions, with a spotlight on financing, gender empowerment in agriculture, and increased credit for smallholders, he said.
       There are 46 FAO member nations in Asia and the Pacific region. Hundreds of high-level participants are registering for a senior official’s meeting (January 31 to February 2), and a ministerial session from February 19-22, (in-person).
       The FAO director general, Dr QU Dongyu, is expected to travel from FAO headquarters in Rome to participate in the ministerial session. Most of the issues to be discussed are of vital interest to Pakistan. Ministerial roundtable discussions such as securing future food and nutrition, following lessons learned from the above convergent crises; investment and financing for poverty reduction and modernization, and lessons learned in saving water and food and reducing loss and waste – all have a common interest across the region.
          Building resilience will be a key topic, the press note said adding a special ministerial event will focus on a number of areas such as championing modernization and digitalization for small holders in agriculture and livestock sector and an overall transformation of agrifood system in countries across the vast region.

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