Agrotech in Central Asia Addressed by IOFS and Partners in Almaty

Country: Kazakhstan
Agrotech in Central Asia Addressed by IOFS and Partners in Almaty
30 June 2024

Almaty, Kazakhstan – 29 June 2024 – As part of the New Vision: Power of Business” Forum, the Islamic Organization for Food Security (IOFS) and Nobel Fest co-organized a highly anticipated session titled “Feeding 1 Billion: Challenges and Opportunities for Agrotech in Central Asia”. The event brought together distinguished leaders in the agri-tech sector to discuss the future of agriculture in the region.

His Excellency Amb. Berik Aryn, IOFS Director General, was the highlight of the Session, which featured notable speakers including, Mr. Saleh Lootah, CEO of the International Islamic Food Processing Association (IFPA), Mr. Kanat Temirbekov, Founder and CEO of AlemAgro Group, and Mr. ZhandosKerimkulov, the Founder of

The Director General delivered a compelling presentation on the IOFS's agri-tech activities, particularly in Central Asia. He emphasized the critical role of technology in enhancing sustainable agricultural practices and ensuring food security for the regions growing population. Amb. Aryn also highlighted that the IOFS was actively promoting the use of smart irrigation systems, soil health monitoring, and integrated pest management to improve resource efficiency and environmental sustainability.Additionally, the mentioned that the IOFS was committed to fostering regional cooperation among Central Asian countries to share knowledge, resources, and best practices. This collaboration aims to create a unified strategy for technology adoption, attract larger investments, and address common challenges such as water management and climate resilience.

The Session, which was moderated by Mr. Abdula Manafi Mutualo, Chief Multilateral Affairs Officer at the IOFS, also included insights from Mr. Saleh Lootah, who emphasized that public-private partnerships were crucial as they combine the strengths of both sectors. Governments can provide regulatory support and funding, while private companies bring in innovation and expertise. Successful partnerships can lead to scalable solutions that benefit farmers and enhance food security. The IFPA actively fosters such partnerships to drive technological adoption in agriculture.

Mr. Kanat Temirbekov and Mr. Zhandos Kerimkulov shared their experiences and successes in implementing cutting-edge agri-tech solutions, respectively in the context of AlemAgroinnovative approaches that have transformed the agricultural landscape of Central Asia, and the Egistic’s power of precision farming to the hands of the farmers, particularly in Kazakhstan.

The event concluded with a call to action for increased investment and regional cooperation as essential for sharing knowledge, resources, and best practices towards advancing agritech in Central Asian.

It should be noted that the Forum run from 27 to 29 June 2024 and brought together notable investors and hundreds of local and international business professionals.