28 July 2022
On July 28, 2022 a delegation of Islamic Organisation for Food Security visited Bustanica hydroponic farm operated in the United Arab Emirates, Dubai. Bustanica, world’s largest vertical farm is a joint venture between Emirates Flight Catering and Crop One, aims to annually save over 250 million litres of water and produce more than a million kilos of produce free of pesticides. It is an industry leader in technology-driven indoor vertical farming.
Director-General of the Islamic Organization for Food Security (IOFS) HE Mr Yerlan Baidaulet was familiarised with the 330,000 square environmentally controlled farm is predicted to produce more than a million kilograms of leafy greens free of pesticides, herbicides and chemicals, while requiring 95 per cent less water than traditional agriculture, saving 250 million litres of water annually, providing an output of 3,000 kg per day.

The Bustanica hydroponic farm as a source of long-term food security and self-sufficiency are vital to the economic growth of OIC countries especially for the regions with the limitations of arable land and climate.

Furthermore, IOFS Director General had a virtual meeting with the group of experts of International Research and Advisory company Dinar Standard working on implementing the Grain Fund IOFS Project. Currently, the experts have completed the preliminary feasibility study and are developing the next phase of the project. IOFS Director General and Dinar Standard representatives discussed the preliminary plan for further implementation of the project.

Grain Fund is an IOFS initiative that operates fundings from investment capital contributions and Waqf donations. Its main objectives include reducing Member States' vulnerability to the volatility of global food prices, mitigating adverse impacts of food price inflation through compensation for damage and financial loss, providing humanitarian aid during food crises and food price shocks.