IOFS takes part in the VII International Investment Forum “Investment Aktobe-2022”

IOFS takes part in the VII International Investment Forum “Investment Aktobe-2022”
06 December 2022


On 6 December 2022 the IOFS took part in the VII International Investment Forum “Investment Aktobe – 2022” in the Rixos President Astana Hotel.

The Islamic Organization for Food Security was invited to deliver a speech at the Panel Session: “Key drivers for strengthening competitiveness in the Aktobe Region.” Dr. Ismail Abdelhamid, Director of Programmes & Projects Office of IOFS was among the distinguished speakers of the event. Other key speakers included representatives from the private sector, such as the KUBO Green-Houses Full Service Company, international institutions such as FAO, and government officials, including the Vice-Minister of the Ministry of Agriculture of the Republic Kazakhstan - Mr. Zhenis Oserbay.

In his speech, Dr. Ismail presented the IOFS as a specialized institution of the OIC, with its own mission, agenda and strategic goals in the area of food security. And provided a summary of the projects that are being currently consolidated through the direct involvement of IOFS, such as the Bakery Supply Chain and Sheep Farming Fund.

After the panel session, meetings with the representatives of business and institutional organizations were conducted, and a mutual understanding was made to join efforts in the areas of agriculture, sustainability, nature preservation, food processing, agri-business and food security.