Training on Modern Rice Production Technologies for IOFS Member States

Training on Modern Rice Production Technologies for IOFS Member States
20 August 2023

Training on Modern Rice Production Technologies for IOFS Member States 

Date: 20-22 August 2023
Venue: BRRI- Gazipur

The main goal of this capacity-building training is to equip rice experts from African member states with the latest techniques and best practices in rice production. Through hands-on training and exposure to modern rice breeding and cultivation techniques, participants will gain valuable insights into sustainable rice production methods.

Key Training Objectives:
1️⃣ Enhance knowledge in rice cultivation techniques, including pest and disease management and efficient water management strategies.
2️⃣ Enable African rice experts to learn and apply modern rice breeding techniques, such as marker-assisted selection, genomic selection, and hybrid rice development.
3️⃣ Foster collaboration and knowledge exchange between African and Bangladeshi rice experts, promoting the sharing of experiences, research findings, and innovative approaches.
4️⃣ Support the development of sustainable rice value chains in member states by incorporating post-harvest management, value addition, and market-oriented strategies into the capacity-building program.

This workshop is specifically designed for rice breeders, researchers, scientists, and policymakers from IOFS member states, including Senegal, Uganda, Nigeria, the Arab Republic of Egypt, and Pakistan. Representatives from national agricultural research institutes, universities, and relevant government agencies are encouraged to attend. The workshop will host a total of 20 participants.

Contact Information:
For more details and registration, please reach out to:
Dr. Shakhlo Atabaeva
Program Manager
Islamic Organization for Food Security (IOFS)

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