National Food Agency presses for urgency to develop food estate

National Food Agency presses for urgency to develop food estate
04 April 2022
Indonesian News agency Antara published an article about the state’s National Food Agency (NFA) latest measures on the development of the food estate to implement a sustainable food security system. Rapid increase of population, climate change issues, global unstable social, economic and political factors are calling for immediate actions in developing a food estate to ensure food security.
Expanding domestic food production is crucial in diminishing the dependence on the imported food commodities and enabling sustainable food sufficiency. Also maintaining the stabilization of food supply and prices is vital particularly for the regions with shortage of their own food manufacturing and relying on the import of food. 
Supporting farmers and agricultural enterprises through strengthening farmer intuitions, developing joint business models will significantly boost farmers' bargaining position and improve farmers' income and welfare. The Indonesian government is aiming to increase capacity strengthening for existing farmers through supporting irrigation, seeds, insurance, and providing counseling and research.
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